April is Safe Digging Month

April is Safe Digging Month

Dig Safely This Spring

As the sunshine warms our days, many of us are gearing up for garden and landscaping adventures. Whether you’re dreaming of blooming flower beds or envisioning a cozy outdoor retreat, there’s something magical about bringing your outdoor space to life. But before you grab those shovels and start digging, let’s talk about a crucial step to keep your spring projects safe and stress-free.

Why Safety Matters

Natural gas is a critical energy source that powers our appliances and keeps our homes cozy and warm. But did you know that those underground pipelines delivering gas to your doorstep need a little TLC too? Accidentally hitting a gas line while digging can lead to serious consequences.

Safety Risks

Gas leaks are no joke. They put you and your neighbors at risk of bodily injury and/or blowing gas that could ignite. Keeping everyone safe is a top priority!

Costly Mistakes

Damaging a gas line can mean unexpected repair bills, fines, and disruptions to you (or your neighbor’s) gas service.

Environmental Impact

We all want to do our part for the planet. By preventing leaks, you’re helping keep our air clean and our planet green.

Meet SC811: Your Digging Buddy

Enter SC811 – your trusty sidekick for all things digging-related! This FREE service is like having a superhero hotline for underground utilities. Here’s why you’ll love them:

Getting Started is Easy!

Just dial 811 anywhere in South Carolina or visit SC811.com. Share a few details about your project, and they’ll take it from there. It’s that simple!

Sit Back & Relax!

Once you’ve put in your request, SC811 will send out the utility experts to mark the location of underground lines. Wait 3 business days for flags, or paint markings, and you’re good to go!

Dig with Confidence!

Armed with knowledge about where those utility lines are hiding, you can start your spring projects without worries.

– 811 TIP –

Pre-mark the proposed excavation area with white paint, white flags, chalk or any other suitable material, including flour or sugar.

Let’s Get Digging – Safely!

With SC811 by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with your spring projects. So go ahead, plant those flower beds, or build that dream patio – the sky’s the limit! Just remember to call SC811 first, because nothing beats the feeling of knowing you’re keeping your project, community, and planet safe and sound. Here’s to a spring filled with sunshine, smiles, and safe digging adventures!

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